May bracelet now available…

You’ll remember we launched our birthday bracelets in April based on the birthstone of the month and the ‘birth flower’.  April featured Diamonds, the Sweet Pea and lovely Daisy!  May’s bracelets features emeralds, Lily of the Valley and Hawthorn.

Emeralds represent protection, love, and wisdom, Lily of the Valley signifies motherhood, purity and sweetness and the Hawthorn  represents love all which are reflected in these lovely bracelets.

Beautiful, original and handmade we use the finest beads creating affordable, stylish bracelets for all occasions.

Each of our bracelets are made from a selection of 10 crystal beads – for May we’ve used greens, pinks and plum for the ‘Hawthorn’ and opaque white and green for the ‘Lily of the Valley’ version. 

Like everything at Teeny Tiny it’s all about the magic of the seaside – especially the sparkle of the sea!

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