Teeny Tiny Teignmouth Company supporting Teignmouth Pride

It’s been a busy few months at Teeny Tiny Teignmouth Company following our partnership with @Teignmouth Pride.  We’ve developed a range of Pride products to support Teignmouth Pride in its first year as they fund raise to host an annual event aimed at bringing the community together a to celebrate our diverse and vibrant town!

It’s meant we’ve had to streamline our activities and cut down on some of our other product ranges but it’s all looking good and we’re ready and raring to keep going.  The photo shows me and my bestie at a recent fundraising event @The Brass, Teignmouth selling our Pride merchandise – and yes, we have been having fun along the way!!!

You can continue to follow our journey on our Facebook and Instagram page or email us at sally@tttc.uk with any queries.

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